Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Four Seasons: Autumn

Welcome back!
So lovely to be with you in The Dreamers Garden again.

Here is Autumn.
She is painted in acrylic on canvas (61 x 91cm)
She steels herself against the wind that scatters leaves. Like the trees, she is strong and resilient. Her gown is red like the red that looks afire on the tree leaves at this time of year.

She looks over her shoulder at the coming winter (when displayed together, the Autumn goddess will be looking over at the Winter goddess)

Her companions are squirrels - those wise little creatures that collect nuts/ prepare for the coming cold and hibernation period.

'Summer' is currently in progress and I look forward to sharing her with you next Thursday. Do check back for another vibrant, celebratory painting of the seasons.

Some weeks are harder than others. My little Poppy had a visit to the vet to address a growth which is hopefully nothing more than a wart/growth. He dealt with it well and is back to his favourite activity - eating :o) It occured to me, through the worry that the growth could be a sign of cancer, that I could happily live with him as my pet for the rest of my life.

Lastly, I've been working hard contributing to a group exhibiton I will be part of in two weeks time - Between Dreams and Discovery held at Mary Place Gallery, Paddington. The opening night is Wednesday 29th August, and photographer Andrew Quilty will be special guest.

Here is an invitation to the show:

Painting Summer gives me hope that warmer days are coming. This winter seems long, and I yearn for warmth, comfort, cheer. Through my paintings, I hope you find these things.

Until next time......

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