Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Walk Down Memory Lane

 Memories and Making Photographs
I've been doing some necessary organising of files and USB sticks and portable hardrives, and came across these photos, taken on film way back in 1999! Basically I've been shooting for a long time and quite proud to say I began with film, in a cold, wet darkroom, excitedly leaning over the developer bath to see the image emerge on the paper.

I lived at home in 1999, and used the world around me for projects, whether it be our pets (chickens - one looking very pensive in the above photo), or the nearby school (below).

I harassed my Mum to be my subject until her camera shyness evaporated. Hehehe - she now simply asks:
"Where do you want me to stand?"
And I developed a photographers eye, seeing the world in black and white, paying attention to shadows and forms (below).

Ordinary scenes from daily life can be interesting. Patterns, lines and shapes in black and white can be exciting for the eye.

And being a home-loving creature, over the years I've taken many photo's of my living environment. As time passes, some photo's become more interesting solely because the person/environment has changed, grown or is gone :o(

It's been a long time since I had chickens for pets, or lived at home. I now have an adorable Guinea Pig and live in Sydney. And I'm so glad I took photo's of life back then, because some things never leave your heart, and its a joy to see them again.

If you're in Sydney the week of 28th August 2012, please do visit Mary Place Gallery at Paddington, where my classmates and I are holding an exhibition of exciting new paintings.

There will be a diverse range of styles and themes, all made with love by each artist - it's wonderful being part of a group of such passionate creators.

'Between Dreams and Discovery'

Mary Place Gallery,
12 Mary Place

Tuesday 28th August - Sunday 2nd September

Opening night: Wednesday 29th August 6-8pm
(Opening by Andrew Quilty)

Until next time......

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